Hello, I am new to Redash. How do we embed charts/graphs/tables with real-time updates into my applications webpage? What I don’t want is an image/snapshot being embedded into my application. Our database is constantly being updated with various data on a real-time basis. We are interested in using Redash but wanted to confirm if the “embedded” charts into our webpage can be updated on a real-time basis.

Your prompt response would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Mike

You can embed charts. The query backing the chart will need to be scheduled to refresh every minute or whatever schedule/interval you require.

Thanks Atharvai. Does the chart gets embeded as an image or as a web page link? Would be better for us if it is the latter.

Does the tool have scheduling or do we have to write a custom code for the scheduler?

the embedded chart is fully interactive.
no scripting is needed for scheduling.

Maybe you should spend some time looking at Redash features and user guide to figure out if it matches your requirement needs: