Redash 10 pre-pends dashboard ID to dashboard URL slug

When we upgraded to v10 beta, we noticed that our old dashboard URLs now break.

v9 –
v10 – where 5 is the dashboard id; interestingly resolves fine which is nice

I always found the human-readable URLs quite nice and the ID-prepending I can live with. But a few suggestions:

  • Such a breaking change should be in the Changelog – admins like myself would like to tell Redash consumers their bookmarks need updating. Luckily our org really only uses half a dozen or so.
  • Ideally, on upgrade, save the old URLs and re-direct them to the new ones.

Thanks again. Redash is a key part of our infrastructure and we couldn’t imagine life without it.

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Your second solution sounds like what was intended when it was changed (see this comment).

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Thank you for the feedback!

Legacy URLs were: /dashboard/:slug, but new ones are /dashboard**s**/:slug, so in your example it should be and not

Can you please try this and confirm?


You are absolutely right; the old URLs actually do redirect. will successfully redirect to We don’t need people to update their bookmarks. Whew.

All good; just counter-intuitive the first time we saw it, making us think old URLs were all broken!

“Working as designed” now that I understand the design.


Thank you for validating.

@jesse should we make this clearer in the release notes for v10?

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Yes, this will be included the release notes for V10 GM.