We recently upgraded from redash v3.0.0 to v4.0.0-rc.1.

The new UI provides little space to view both query input and results at the same time, especially on a laptop size screen. Screenshots attached.

As a consequence, people at my organization have to keep resizing the division between query and results in order to have enough room to view one or the other. They also have to zoom out on the browser window.

If you have filters or parameters taking up space, then there is even less room. Having to deal with all these logistics is taking a hit to our productivity and decreasing the accessibility of SQL for newcomers.

Any chance we could reinstitute the spacing/sizing from v3, such that it’s easier to get a view of the whole scene at once?

Thanks so much for your consideration!

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

Clicking on the resize handle will toggle the code panel, would that be enough? Perhaps adding a keyboard shortcut to that toggle would streamline the usage?

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately not. We are aware of the resizing and use it, but we have to constantly resize back and forth to get our workflow done, whereas before we didn’t have to deal with that.

In addition, with the new spacing, even when just a graph is showing, it doesn’t have nearly as much room as before so it is often mostly cut off. Especially if there are filters or parameters. So then we need to zoom out and fiddle with window sizing.

@benspaul Thanks for the feedback!

We were very mindful about saving some space on the query editor and making sure it’ll improve the available space.

If you check my attached screenshot, you’ll see the Visualisation now starts much higher in the fold and provides you more visibility (even if you calculate the sticky bottom section) + the header area is also massively decreased.

The main differences are that now we have a smaller scrollable table/visualization area while we used to have the entire page scrolling in v3.0.

So I think I’m missing something when you’re saying you didn’t have to deal with that, can you clarify on that please? Now they have to resize but they used to just scroll down? What do you think would be an improvement to ease your problem?

Currently we were considering moving the bottom sticky section to elsewhere which would free up some extra space, but that’s just a very initial idea. So please share any suggestions, we’re handling the query editor issues with priority as we want to improve the experience of writing and managing queries.

Thank you for sharing the feedback, Ben! Can you share what is the screen resolution of the laptop your screenshots were taken from?

On top of what @zsoltk mentioned, few things we had in mind to improve the situation:

I’m not sure what can be done about the other examples you had aside from the keyboard shortcut, but if you share the screen resolution we can reproduce it and try to think of a solution.

Thanks so much, all! Our screen resolutions are 1280 x 800.

I can see in @zsoltk’s example that the new version increased workspace on his display, whereas on our displays it decreased workspace.

It’s hard for me to go through the details of every element to know what exactly is the culprit, especially when I don’t have access do redash 3. Perhaps if there is a public site running redash 3, I could do a side by side screenshot of the queries above if that would help?

The keyboard shortcut idea is definitely a light band-aid, as the amount of effort to constantly toggle sizes back and forth is a hindrance and a barrier to entry for people just starting sql, who are my target audience here in my organization.

The idea to change the visualization to fit the space available sounds like it might help but it’s hard to know in advance.

Thanks again!

http://demo.redash.io/ is public and runs 3.0

Thanks for sharing the details, Ben—I’ll start playing with the given resolution and see how could we improve.

Hi all! Thanks for the link to the public redash 3.0

We figured it out.

It feels like there’s less room because we can’t see the whole visualization in one screen anymore, now that the visualization scrolls within a restricted pane.

Before, we would run a query and then scroll down to see the full visualization.

Now, we run a query and the visualization is trapped in a small pane so we have to resize stuff around to try to view it (often it’s still not fully viewable even after hiding everything else) and then we resize it back to work on the query again.

Screenshots contrasting 3.0 (scrolled down to the bottom) and 4.0:

3.0 (can scroll to see visualization) (http://demo.redash.io/queries/6701/):

4.0 (can’t see visualization)

4.0 (after hiding query, still can’t see full visualization since it’s trapped in its pane)

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I join this request!

We just updated from v2 to the latest version, and i (and some co-workers of mine) find the new query UI pretty uncomfortable to work on a laptop screen. It’s annoying to have to resize to have a bit more query space, and then resize back to check the results, and in many use cases, having to scroll inside the query result frame to visualize parts of the result.

I handle it partially zooming the browser out, but it’s inconvenient for coding.

I think having an option to enable scrolling inside the query page, and being able to resize query editor and results window independently would suit our needs.