Redash Alerts not working and stays in UNKNOWN state

Issue Summary

We are trying to create alerts with Redash alerts to send notifications via e-mail and on the slack channel.
Redash Alerts are not firing even with the thresholds met.

A few checks that we have done:

  1. We made sure that the alert destinations are fine. We can send the test messages to the alert destination on the slack channel.
  2. We made sure we have a refresh schedule on the query set.
  3. We made the threshold too low to force an alert but the alert state did not change from UNKNOWN.

Technical details:

  • Redash Version:
    8.0.0 (dev)

  • Browser/OS:

  • How did you install Redash:
    We maintain an internal repository that we use to create docker images and orchestrate using K8s

Does the query in question use parameters?

Yes, the underlying query uses parameters. Unfortunately, I cannot share the query (even REDACTED) here. What would be the best way forward? Thanks!

You don’t need to share the query text. Queries with parameters don’t execute on a schedule and can’t be used in alerts. Remove the parameter and the alert will work.