Redash api data source

Does Redash have an API for creating Data Sources and Groups?!? could you send me to documents?

The documentation is sparse. If you give an example data source type I can write a quick instruction for how to create one. Which kind of data source would you like to add first?

Follow the data source type: Oracle, mysql and postgresql.

Cool. Here’s an example for Oracle.

First, you can look at the source code for the oracle query runner here. Look at its configuration_schema, which tells you that the data source expects the following fields:

          "properties": {
                "user": {"type": "string"},
                "password": {"type": "string"},
                "host": {"type": "string"},
                "port": {"type": "number"},
                "servicename": {"type": "string", "title": "DSN Service Name"},
                "encoding": {"type": "string"},
            "required": ["servicename", "user", "password", "host", "port"],
            "extra_options": ["encoding"],
            "secret": ["password"],

And it’s type is oracle.

So you can create a new Oracle data source with a network request like this:

POST to /api/data_sources

  "name": "My Oracle Data Source",
  "type": "oracle",
  "options": {
    "user": "some user name",
    "password": "some user password",
    "host": "some host address",
    "port": "some database port",
    "servicename": "The DSN service name for your database",
    "encoding": "optional: the character encoding used by your database"

Great it will help me a lot… Could you send a exemplo for Groups ?!?