Redash Big Queries Not Completing

Issue Summary

When querying big data, it does not finish and retrieve data but when I limit it to 10 or 50 query is ok. What do I need to check? Redash is hosted in GCP and the data source is coming from our Corporate Office

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: Version: 7.0.0+b18042 (4a978bad
  • Browser/OS: Google Chrome/Win8
  • How did you install Redash: Hosted in Google Cloud

Hope you guys can help me in checking this.


redash is not built for this rather for dash-boarding and aggregated data. We faced this same issue and reason is; redash parse every record and then display the data. it also stores all queries data for cache purpose so it is advise-able not use query big amount of data over redash

Thank you for your input. May I ask on how to check if who is the user using such queries? I’ m new to redash. Noob question. Thank you so much!

redash pre-append user email with every query so you can check the user.

also you can check the users from redash metadata db

Hi Mali! Thank you so much for your help. Our redash is hosted in Google Cloud and upon checking, google cloud is requesting to increase it’s performance because of high CPU utilization which i suspect is coming from Big Queries.

Currently it is in this setting custom (4 vCPUs, 9 GB memory). Do you think increasing it would solve my problem? Right know I can’t query anything. even with 10 items only.