Redash cache results

Hello, I have a task in the embedded report via iframe to update the cache and it is a parameterized report. Before displaying the report, I make an additional request to the API(REDASH_URL/api/queries/QUIERY_ID/refresh?), which runs a backgroud job. But this doesn’t work for reports that have a long load time or the job is not executed immediately.
Is there a way to control the background job status?
Or another way to update cache?
And how does $ctrl.queryResult.getUpdatedAt() work, at the bottom left on the report’s view, does it show the last cache update? If I click on it, the date doesn’t change(what does it mean?)
Is there ability to delete query_result for QUERY_ID via api(or through sql in query)?

It pulls the retreived_at timestamp from the query result API call.

No. Redash keeps the most recent query result indefinitely. It’s dropped the next time you execute the query or when the cleanup_query_results task runs.

Not clear what you’re asking for here.