Issue Summary

All of my component are using Docker on Ubuntu 18 (Redas + Clickhouse) under proxy.

Redash 6.0.0 (dev) follow:
ClickHouse follow:

I’m tried to connect to ClickHouse DB using Tabix and it’s OK.
I’m tried to connect to Postgres DB (in LAN) using Redash and it’s OK.

When I’m try to create new Data source and Test connection to Clickhouse using Redash using following URL:

http:// localhost:port => Very long HTML code in red are show up.
http:// IP_ADDRESS_PORT:port => Error : It’s connect throught my Proxy : <proxy_address>:<proxy_port>
localhost:port => Error : No connection adapter found
IP_ADDRESS_PORT => Error : No connection adapter found

I think I have to change redash container proxy or something else but I can not found any document about redash proxy.

How can I connect to my clickhouse DB using Redash, what should I do?

I’m change DockerFile to remove container’s proxy and this issue will be fixed