Redash connect at Trino

I saw on Github that there is a query_runner
I have Redash on version 8 and I need to connect to Trino. Would you help me? There are a Docker image with this Trino Data Source?

The Trino data source is part of V10, currently in beta. The new images for V10 will be out in a few weeks.

Could I test this Beta Image?!? Or Could you help me add this Trino query runner in my image?

You are welcome to spin up a copy of the V10 beta. It’s tag is listed in our docker hub here. The current tag is redash/redash:10.0.0-beta.b49597.


I put this image in my environment, but this image didn’t work. I put this image on KS8.
Could you help me understand what’s going on ?!? I need to add or change any file or parameters.


I’m not familiar with running Redash in kubernetes. You might check out the source code for the OSS Helm chart repo to see how they set things up with K8S. I’ll advise you not to make an issue on that repo, though, unless you’re actually using it in production.