Redash connect impala error

test connect failed
1.I don’t know what to fill in Please specify beeswax or hiveserver2?
2.Please correct other mistakes?

My connection is as follows:
1.1 Name:impala171
Please specify beeswax or hiveserver2: jdbc:impala://hostname:21050
Ldap Password:empty
Use Ldap:empty
Ldap User:empty

                                                                                                     Thank You

What error message do you receive when you try to query Impala?

Whether to use beeswax or hiveserver2 depends on your Impala instance.

1.when i try to test connect to impala,my error was as follows:
The specified protocol ‘jdbc:impala://hostname:21050’ is not supported. redash version 8.0.0

Try using regular HTTPS. Redash doesn’t use JDBC for any of our connections.

I do not know the HTTPS connection of impala. I did not find it on Google and baidu.
What is the HTTPS connection of impala?
What should I fill in there?

*My entry is as follows

You need to feel in the data source setup screen with the information it requests. Your host name should be in the hostname field. The field that asks for hiveserver2 or beeswax should only have one or the other of those two values. Only provide LDAP information if your connection uses LDAP.

I’ll say again: Redash doesn’t use JDBC so you don’t need that on the setup screen. The HTTPS address is the network location of your server: https://hostname