Redash Connection to TIBCO Data Virtualization

We just installed Redash and wanted to connect to TIBCO Data Virtualization custom JDBC or ODBC connector. This will require installing the custom driver from TIBCO more details are in below link:

We are very new to redash so if someone can guide us on how to set up custom JDBC/ODBC connection (preferably JDBC) it will be great help to us.

AFAIK Redash doesn’t have any JDBC connectors. The back-end is all Python and it uses ODBC in most places. You can still write a query runner for this, but you’ll need to hack it yourself since there isn’t any JDBC prior art.

There is this older post on the forum about implementing a new query runner. As long as you can use your JDBC driver from Python then it should work. I don’t know enough about JDBC to say if that’s quite possible though :man_shrugging:

Thanks. For custom ODBC connection if you can point me where to start that will be great.

Check this out. Redash recently added an ODBC version of the Microsoft SQL Server connector. It uses pyodbc which can be installed with pip install pyodbc. The rest of the code happens in Python.

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