Redash dashboard becomes unavailable

So I have a pretty simple dashboard with a couple of visualizations.
It works just fine for the developer who developed it - but everyone else (including developers with admin permissions) cannot see the dashboard and are getting the following error -

It seems like we encountered an error. Try refreshing this page or contact your administrator.

I have a server on GCP that Redash is running on, I used docker-compose in order to run this Redash instance.

Some more information:

  1. I can access all the other dashboards without any problem
  2. A couple of days ago everyone could see this dashboard - from what I know there were no changes to it since then.
  3. My Redash version is redash/redash:8.0.0.b32245
  4. I saw this pr - is this still an issue at the Redash version I’m using?
  5. When inspecting the page I get the following errors -


That PR is not part of V8. You should upgrade to V10.

From your picture I see the error BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT. What happens if you load this page in incognito mode or with no browser extensions enabled?

Thanks, I’ll upgrade it soon.
So actually when logging in with incognito it works - how can I make it work also not in incognito or in browsers with extensions enabled?
I got this error on my Mac, using chrome. Other people from my team got exactly the same error.

You should figure out which of your browser extensions is blocking those network requests. Page translation browser extensions are frequent culprits.

I find it a bit odd since I have some more dashboards on this Redash instance and they all work just fine.
So why only this one gets blocked?

It’s impossible to say without further information.