Redash events table missing from version 9 beta

Hi All,

I’m on version 9.0.0-beta and my main goal here is to query Redash usage data (what are the most viewed dashboards? which objects have not been used a long time and could probably be deprecated? etc).

I found evidence that this is or has been possible in the past:

select * from events where object_type='dashboard' and action='view' order by created_at desc
from this thread.

I have tried querying the Query Results data source for an events table and found nothing (slightly related, I’m unable to see what tables/schemas are even available in this data source; I tried SQLite’s syntax to no avail: .table , .ta and .tables all failed).

If I am looking in the wrong place or if having an events table depends on whether I’m self-hosted or not, I would love to know.

Hope this yields insight and helps others.


QRDS uses an in-memory SQLite database. It has no tables in it until you use it to query another query result.

What you want is to connect with Redash’s internal metadata database. The exact method for this varies depending on your installation. But ultimately you’ll add it like any other Postgres data source.

On the development Docker instance this is easy because the Postgres server is aliased as postgres within the containers. So you can create a data source with postgres as the host, user, pass, and db :wink:

FYI: the events table can be used for this but it’s not designed for it. For page views it’s fine but it won’t help if you want to know every time a query is executed, for example.

Hey @jesse

We are using the events table to do user level auditing in v8, We are testing v10 right now and it has the same issue.

Events table has no data in it. i have plenty of saved queries. Is there any particular reason behind this or it is a bug ?

Interesting. We’ve had a few reports of this

But no real conclusion to what caused it. I don’t observe this behaviour with the V10 beta, however. Can you try it?

Hi, have the same problem with v10.1.0, nothing in events table after update from V8, but we need this table for audit purposes

Thank you for bumping this. The struggle here has been an inability to reproduce the problem by members of the core team. I will give it another try today. If not, we can’t do anything about it without a reproduction. But we are of course happy to merge a PR fixing it (and a 10.2 release) if someone in the community has better visibility into the issue than do we.