Redash Maintenance Process


can anyone please help us to clarify the below points,

  1. In Redash - Queries section, one can create any number of queries and archive those but one cannot delete the queries. So in that case, do the archived queries physical memory gets released or do they occupy some memory; how actually the memory management is working?
  2. Is there any maintenance process/activity in Redash to optimize the redash’ server’s memory and physical space?

please let us know if it is not clear.


  1. Correct. Redash does not delete query text. But query results for archived queries are cleaned-up with a periodic job. The text of a query requires so little memory there is virtually no savings to delete the queries completely. But a potentially large issue if a user mistakenly deletes a query and it cannot be recovered.
  2. Redash does this automatically by clearing out unused query results from the database.