Hi There,
I am very impressed with the features and flexibility that I can get with Redash. Firstly big thanks for all the contributors who made this happen.

I am trying to install redash on RHEL/Openshift. I have two options I have a RHEL Box where I can install redash, The most preferred way is Red Hat Openshift. In the documentation I only see Heroku option.

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.


I’m not familiar with Openshift enough to help out, but it’s definitly possible. You can refer to either the Docker configuration or the bootstrap script to understand what are the dependency that are required to run Redash, and then use the same process to start it on Openshift.

In general, Redash needs Python, PostgreSQL and Redis + some system packages to install some of the Python libraries. If you want to “build” the static assets you will need Node.js, but if you use our release tarballs then you don’t need Node.js.

Thank you Arik appreciate your response. If we get to install on Openshift we will get back to you with the steps on how we did it so that we can share with others in the open source community.

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Not sure if you tried it yet - but if you have your own openshift, you can import the docker-compose definition.
oc import docker-compose should import the docker-compose.yml definitions into openshift.
Hope this helps.