Redash Preview login page

Our preview login page is one developers visit frequently and are required to re-login to each PR instance. It’s quite easy as the credentials of preset users are copy-pasteable. This is the current design:

Still the UX could be even simpler and design finer with one-click signin, similar to the Mac OS login screen:


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Here’s my proposal:

  • Preset users are clickable (background color on hover).
  • Backend version exposed.
  • “create account” actually just opens a tooltip with instructions:

I actually want to encourage people to create their own users and use them, as this will uncover more cases and issues than everyone using a set of two users.

But… even myself I use one of these users :sweat_smile: So I guess it’s unrealistic to expect others to use their own users until we have a solution for easy login across deployments. So let’s go with this option.

Source code:

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Implemented in