I have a requirement, which I am hoping somebody can help me with.
I created a dashboard, which has dashboard filter of ‘client::filter’.
I want to re-use this dashboard for many clients, but just passing the relevant client name on the url.

Is it possible to use the share dashboard url like this, and pass the filter on the url?

Please help. Else I would need to build a new dashboard each time, for every client. Which does not seem practical.

I look forward to your advise


I didn’t find a way to control column filters through URL, but there might be a workaround for your requirement.
Use client as query parameter
Add the parameter in your public URL (&p_=)
If you need it embedded then you should first enable passing parameters in URL with adding this key in your /opt/redash/.env file (REDASH_ALLOW_PARAMETERS_IN_EMBEDS=“True”)

I hope this was helpful