Redash Request Response Flow

Hello Folks - I am changing behaviour in my backend presto gateway and while doing that i would like to test integration with that change. If there is any documentation which explains request response flow/structure from/to Redash - it would be really helpful.
Thanks in Advance.

P.S. - basically I am trying to implement rate limiting at presto gateway so i wanted to understand what/how should I respond back from presto gateway itself rather than sending request to Presto such that I can stop overburdening Presto.

Hi there and welcome to the forum :wave:

Do you mean the request/response flow between Redash and Presto? Or between the Redash Webapp and Redash server?

You can see exactly how Redash runs queries against presto by looking at its query runner code here.

The request response cycle between Redash and its webapp won’t have any affect on the rate limits on your presto gateway so I won’t cover it here.

thanks jesse for a reply -
let me retry :
I am using Redash with Presto as a data source. Also I am using Presto Gateway which sits in the middle of Redash and Presto gateway. Now I have implemented some logic (rate limiting) in the Gateway where I want to deny few New Query requests based on some logic. And when I deny a request I would like to make sure that I give a proper response (some sort of erro message) to Redash which can be displayed on UI. So I am looking for a way to send my response.