Redash Review Process


I’m just wondering if Redash as a project has a review process to make it clearer when a PR is fully reviewed and ready to merge. For example, do some types of changes need multiple reviewers?

As a specific example where I am confused:
It seems to have both a “reviewed-approved” tag and an “unreviewed” tag and I can’t quite tell which state it’s in.


Usually a single review is enough, but in some cases multiple reviews are required. For example:

  1. When the Pull Request includes product (behavior/functionality) changes it will usually have a code review and a product review.
  2. When the Pull Request includes both backend and frontend code.
  3. When it’s big enough.

In general we try to follow common sense :slight_smile:

Sorry for that. We tried to use a bot (PR-Triage) to help with keeping track of what’s need to be reviewed, but it seems to create more confusion than help as it has a few bugs…

But regardless of those tags, this specific PR waits for me to review the functionality.


Thank you for the quick response and details!