Redash runs out of memory when returning `SELECT *` type of queries on big tables


Redash runs out of memory, if we execute SELECT * type of queries on big tables. It is usually an accident, but it is hard to avoid it if the team gets bigger. Is there any mechanism that prevents such an execution right now?

A good solution to this is used by Periscope Data. They return 5000 records on default (LIMIT 5000) unless the limit is overwritten.

Many thanks!

Yes, Redash runs your queries as is, and therefore doesn’t limit the number of records you query for.

We do want to address this at some point, but due to the variety of data sources we support (35+) this requires some planning. You can follow the following issue for updates:

But to clarify/set expectations: there are no concrete plans to work on this right now.

Thanks @arikfr for the update.
We run out of memory on the instance and Redash UI stops working if such a query is executed. Is there any other way how to avoid it?