Redash Scalability

We are trying to scale redash horizontally .
it would be great if some one let us know related to how exactly its possible including both pros and cons.
Basically idea is to configure redash in 2 different server .Each server would be running redash worker in docker container in 2 different server and pointing to same metadata postgres server.
Please let us know how to achieve it.

Hi @deepakdas12 ,

I am also a beginner when it comes to redash, but I would say if you keep the REDASH_COOKIE_SECRET and REDASH_SECRET_KEY same in both instances, and point to the same postgres instance, it should work fine.
You would need to setup a load balancer in front of the instances and my suggestion would be to enable sticky session in the load balancer.

May be someone else can provide better answer.

Mudasir Mirza.