Redash Shows Error When Druid Query Does not Return Result

When i am writing druid sql query and it does not return result,redash shows an error, how can i solve this issue.

What kind of query are you running that returns no result?

I have a query that is trying to count number of times a certain error happened in the last 5 minutes, and some times in 5 minutes period we don’t see that error, and query returns empty.

One way to solve it is to write your query so that it returns 0 if the count is zero, instead of a null result.

But this will make my query complex, and it might not work for all queries.
When i run it in druid i get empty result, this what i am expecting to see in redash also if i run the same query.
Are you planning to fix it or change this behaviour in the future?

Seems like something you could open a Github issue for. Since an empty result isn’t an error but it’s being treated as one.