Redash-slack bot setting was failed


I’m trying redash-slack bot.
But the error below occurred and setting was failed.

Failed validating credentials please make sure you used the correct API key & your Redash instance is accessible.

Therefore, I checked API key & Redash instance, but both were correct.
And I was able to use the redash API through curl command, like below.

curl https://redash.<my_domain>.com/api/queries/2/results.json?api_key=
{“query_result”: {“retrieved_at”:…

Could you tell me what should I check next?


Hi there, I would like to also report this issue on behalf of ironSource, we’re using a self hosted redash and aren’t able to configure the Slack bot due to the same error message reported above. I suspect it’s due to some firewall rules blocking the access to the redash instance, maybe we should whitelist some IP address to make it work?

Thanks for assisting,