Redash UI stopped working after we enabled HTTPS on ec2

Hello Team,
Greetings for the day!! Hope you all doing great today! Team, we have redash instance running in our Ec2 fine after our recovery since couple of weeks. When we try making it secure via https under docker containerised, something went wrong and redash seems not to be working now,

To restore to last successful run stat, I have moved all dockeryml to name called backup_docker.ym. On restarting the instance, we don’t see any boot error and all the services for redash seems to running fine in backend.

When trying to reach redash via url, it shows an error message " refused to connect. COuld someone help us as soon as possible? Our whole bunch of folks will face huge distruption if its not working.

Looking for a helping hands :slight_smile:

This has been discussed elsewhere on the forum. Do these topics help you?

What did you do when setting up HTTPS?

Hello , Thank you so much for your reply. We used docker for implementing the same. Now it seems to be working fine after re-installing the docker once again and luckily all the data was restored! thanks a lot once again!

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