Redash v0.12 Local Setup


Step by step instruction I used for a working Local Version of Redash v0.12

Redash Local Setup v0.12

	- NPM / Node
		- sudo npm install --global bower
		- sudo npm install --global gulp-cli

	- Redis - Install and Run
		Install Redis from package

		Run Redis
		- /redis/src/resis-server
			- Will run on port 6379

	- Postgres Install and Run
		- Install Postgres using homebrew
			brew install postgresql

		- Run Postgres

			cd redash/

			initdb -D postgresdb/
			createdb redash
			pg_ctl -D postgresdb/ -l logfile start &

			bin/run ./ database drop_tables
			bin/run ./ database create_tables
			bin/run ./ users create --admin --password admin "Admin" "admin"

	- Installing Some Web Dependencies
		cd redash/
		npm install
		bower install bower.json
			- use last version of webcomponents (webcomponentsjs#^0.6.0 which resolved to 0.6.3 and is required by polymer#0.5.6)

Running Redash:
	cd redash/
	- bin/run honcho start -f &

	Will run under


You need to run “pip install first”