Redash V10 query execution

Actually with warning above query does completed, when it fails, I don’t see any record in adhoc-worker log,

Try setting the REDASH_DEBUG_LEVEL to DEBUG in your environment, restart the containers and try again. This should give you more verbose logs.

I don’t think this is related to the odd query execution behavior.

nothing really

root@ip-xxxx:/opt/redash# cat debug.log | grep -v -E “Regist|lazy|snowflake|is compatible|is available|Checking ‘python-requests’ version”

may just that:

adhoc_worker_1 | [2021-11-25 21:06:05,706][PID:21][DEBUG][snowflake.connector.ssl_wrap_socket] Injecting ssl_wrap_socket_with_ocsp
adhoc_worker_1 | [2021-11-25 21:06:05,725][PID:21][DEBUG][snowflake.connector.auth] cache directory: /home/redash/.cache/snowflake

It’s a bit of a long shot: try disabling the snowflake query runner using the REDASH_DISABLED_QUERY_RUNNERS environment variable. Set it to redash.query_runner.snowflake and restart.

it may reduce the frequency. hard to say really. but it is still occurring.
and even with debug during the error - nothing came from adhoc_worker

What’s the nature of this query? A simple select?

Wverytime it is different as well

בתאריך יום ו׳, 26 בנוב׳ 2021 ב-0:34 מאת jesse via Redash Discourse <>:

Looks like the issue is solved.
Another docket down / up -d and we haven’t got failed jobs since.

thanks for the help

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