Redash V4 is finally here with new UI/UX, new dashboard layout engine, new visualizations and many other improvements and bug fixes. :raised_hands:

This release wouldn’t be possible without the help of our community and the commitment of our team :heart: (this release had contributions from 34 people)

Along with the new release, we also have a new (open source) knowledge base and new website. Check them out.

Thank you all who contributed, our users and our customers. :star_struck::pray:


Already up and running on our side !

Thanks everyone for the hard et great work !

Hey @arikfr

I love the new UX/UI, still need to get used to it though…

One thing is bugging me pretty hard though. Why did you guys limit the Query input field to only half of the screen. Old version was much better where you could extend this field over the entire screen to have a better overview of your query.

Wish there would be a way to make this field bigger again.

Thank you,

Hello! Wanna ask when is the release of docker image for non-beta version?

Can you explain what you refer to here as the “Query input field”?

What version are you referring to? V4?

Yes correct @arikfr saw on this release that docker image is coming soon :wink:

We write this text when we create the release… but the images been there for a few months now:

Awesome! thanks for the info :slight_smile: