Redash v6 Beta is now available!


Redash v6 beta is now available! :raised_hands: This release was 2 months in the making and it is full with good stuff!

  • We have 5 new data sources: Databricks, IBM DB2, Kylin, Druid and Rockset. ⌗
  • There are fixes and improvements to 11 existing data sources (MySQL, Redshift, Postgres, MongoDB, Google BigQuery, Vertica, TreasureData, Presto, ClickHouse, Google Sheets and Google Analytics).
  • The Query Results data source can now load cached results, just use the cached_query_ prefix instead of query_.
  • On the visualizations front we added a Heatmap visualization and did updated the table and counter visualizations.
  • Alerts got some fixes and a new destination: PagerDuty.
  • If the live autocomplete in the code editor annoys you, you can disable it now (although we’re working to make it better, see #3092).
  • Fast queries will now load faster. :running_man:
  • We improved the layout of visualizations and content on smaller screen sizes. :iphone:
  • For those of you who like sharing, you can now enable the ability to share ownership of queries and dashboards and let others to edit them. Check the Settings page to enable this feature.

There were also important changes to the code and infrastructure:

  • More components moved to React.
  • We switched to Webpack 4 with the help of @dmonego.
  • We upgraded to Celery 4 with the help of @emtwo, @jezdez, @mashrikt and @atharvai.
  • We started moving towards Python 3 for our backend. The first step was to make sure our code pass basic sanity tests with Flake 8, which was implemented by @cclauss.
  • We improved our testing on the frontend by adding setup for Jest tests and E2E testing using Cypress (@gabrieldutra).
  • Each pull request now gets a deploy preview using Netlify to easily test frontend changes.

This is just a summary, you’re welcome to review the full CHANGELOG.

This release had contributions from 38 people: @arikfr, @kravets-levko, @jezdez, @kyoshidajp, @kocsmy, @alison985, @gabrieldutra, @washort, @GitSumito, @emtwo, @rauchy, @alexanderlz, @denisov-vlad, @ariarijp, @yoavbls, @zhujunsan, @sjakthol, @koooge, @SakuradaJun, @dmonego, @Udomomo, @cclauss, @combineads, @zaimy, @Trigl, @ralphilius, @jodevsa, @deecay, @igorcanadi, @pashaxp, @hoangphuoc25, @toph, @burnash, @wankdanker, @Yossi-a, @Rovel, @kadrach, and @nicof38. Thank you, everyone :pray:

  • Before doing an upgrade, please make sure you have a backup.
  • Because of the Celery upgrade, before upgrading to this version please make sure to clear out your Celery queues.
  • If you have any issues, please refer to the troubleshooting section in the upgrade guide .
  • If the upgrade guide doesn’t help, you can ask for help on the forum .

Happy querying :nerd_face:


The cached_query_ solution is so simple and effective!