RedashGroups Paramenter only accepting 1 value for group push via Okta

Hey Guys,

So I am able to push users to groups from Okta when setting RedashGroups as a parameter/attribute in Okta. I created a string array for the parameter/attribute RedeshGroups with multiple pre-defined values that correlate with the groups in our Redash environment. However, when trying to pass multiple values through for RadashGroups it does not work. Currently only accepts 1 value. Has anyone encountered this issue when setting up group push with Okta?

Any input is appreciated.

What do you mean it only accepts one value? Which value? What happens if you try with different values from the list? Is it always accepted?

Thank you for your response Jesse. The predefine values that I have set to the RedashGroups parameter. These values correlate to groups in our Redash environment. Selecting different values work, but selecting multiple values (multiple groups), Redash is not accepting it. I checked our SAML assertion and it is passing the values when selecting more than 1, but it does not reflect in Redash.

Is this when you create new users through SAML? Or are you trying to change groups on users that already exist in Redash?

This is for both cases you mentioned.

Got it. Looking through the code here it seems that Redash expects RedashrGroups to be a list rather than a string. So rather than writing the groups as a comma-separated list, can you pass these groups in multiple value tags as described here?

(I will need to edit my response in that thread as it seems that a comma-separated list is not supported)