Redis as a Datasource

Is there a way to use redis as a datasource? I would like to build a report with values from redis.

You could write a query runner for it. Not sure what query language you’d use though. Query runner’s are pretty easy to write though. You just need to implement a few methods for running the query, fetching a schema, testing the connection etc.

Yeah, I was able to do via python runner.

Configure redis as whitelisted module for python runner and use following.

def columns(): 
  return [
          "name": "example",
          "friendly_name": "Example",
          "type": TYPE_INTEGER,

def fn():
    import redis
    r = redis.Redis(host='redis-slave', port=6379, db=0, password='password')
    return {
        "rows": [
                "example": int(r.hget('key', 'field'))
        "columns": columns()

result = fn()