Redpush to manage Redash queries as code, has Redash planned to create offical tool?


I need to manage my Redash queries as code.

I found this Redpush from this Discuss Thread.


  • Are there other tools like Redpush?
  • Is there one official tool to manage Redash queries as code?
  • If not:
    • What do you think about add Redash project link in Redash documentation?
    • Have you planned to create official Redash queries as code tool?

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I assume you meant Redpush here. It uses some undocumented features of our API (setting arbitrary values in query’s options field), which we don’t want to commit to supporting in the future.

Other than this it seems like a great tool.

Eventually we would love to support such scenarios in Redash, but there are many things we would love to do and so many hours in a day :slight_smile:

Mind sharing a bit more details on your use case here?

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