Refresh query via API without returning data

Issue Summary

I used the example here (redash-toolbelt/ at master · getredash/redash-toolbelt · GitHub). What I would like to do is to not trigger the data transmit, just the query refresh (to the cached queries). Are there additional parameters in the API. I have not found them so far.

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: * Version: 8.0.2+b37747 (a9d7ca43) (running on AWS Linux)
  • Browser/OS: Chrome/Windows 10
  • How did you install Redash: AMI to AWS

This is easy because the API is already asynchronous. It will never return data in a single request.

Just make a POST to /api/queries/<some query id>/results and include any parameters. The request body will look like this:

  "id": <query id>
  "parameters": {
    "param1": "value",
    "param2": "value",

The API will return a job object.

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Thanks, after dopeslapping myself I just commented out the lines that request the data after refreshing the cache, and changed the return to the status code from the refresh, and confirmed it works.

Thanks for pointing me in right direction.

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