Refresh query when parameters update

hi team,try to make myself understood,
here is my steps:

chmod +x

when it’s all done,
open firefox:localhost:5000
create some query and dashboard,

the problem is the query in the dashboard won’t refresh automatically when the parameters update,
i have to prees the “refresh” button to force refresh it,

by using, the redash should be the latest version,
is there anything i can do to fix this?
the version: * Version: 7.0.0+b18042(4a978bad)
great thanks in advance.

Hi Alex, can you try this again? It looks like you pulled Redash a few hours before this change was merged into master. The current version is 7.0.0+b891cc23.

See this issue for specifics.

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Hi Susodapop,
great thanks for the reply,
i setup the redash by
and i check both

the latest version is redash/redash:7.0.0.b18042,

i am new to github…any advice on how to get the 7.0.0+b891cc23. version?
just git clone
and then what should i do to make localhost:5000 available just like the docker image made by

great thanks in advance

I haven’t actually done this myself, but here’s a relevant post on the forum about running the latest Beta build. This feature hasn’t been deployed as part of a release which is why you haven’t received the change with your pull yet.

great thanks for the quik reply :slightly_smiling_face: so sweet
i’ll check the link and hope i can find the way to fix this.
thanks again for the great help!

The setup script installs the latest stable version, which does not include this feature yet. If you want to try a unstable version, you can change the Docker image referenced in docker-compose.yml to one of tags of redash/preview or just redash/redash:preview, which is the most recent master build.

The benefit of using redash/preview over redash/redash:preview is that you can anchor yourself to a specific build of master, as sometimes the master branch becomes unstable.

This was relevant for the pre-Docker deployments and no longer current.

Hi Arikfr,
thanks for your reply,
the /redash/preview/tags is very help, i only know /redash/redash/tags this before.
i am trying to upgrade the current verion by following this:,
hope this can work by changing




(any suggestion on which preview version might be stablest and also have the refresh problem fixed?)

it’s awkward that it’s my first time using the linux os…
i don’t know how to change the file if i want the preview version image…
any help on this?
it seems the version is defined here

setup_compose() {
    LATEST_VERSION=`curl -s "$REQUESTED_CHANNEL"  | json_pp  | grep "docker_image" | head -n 1 | awk 'BEGIN{FS=":"}{print $3}' | awk 'BEGIN{FS="\""}{print $1}'`

    REDASH_BRANCH="${REDASH_BRANCH:-master}" # Default branch/version to master if not specified in REDASH_BRANCH env var
    sed -ri "s/image: redash\/redash:([A-Za-z0-9.-]*)/image: redash\/redash:$LATEST_VERSION/" docker-compose.yml

by the way, is there a preview version of this ?
so i can get the tar.gz file

great thanks in advance.

You don’t need to run again: just update the image reference (as you did) and then run docker-compose up -d from /opt/redash.

At the moment, the most recent image of preview is probably the most stable one.

:slightly_smiling_face: updating, hope this could work,
very nice app and very nice community, great thanks again :grinning:

it works!
thanks @Arikfr!
and many thanks to @susodapop

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