[Refresh Schedule] Does not work in self-hosted (browser) Redash

Issue Summary

None of my Redash Queries are running at the schedule I set (every 30 minutes, every 1 day at exactly 07:30am UTC, etc).

I need this to run at these regular intervals so my corresponding Alert can trigger at the scheduled times.

2021-08-03 Auto Refresh Schedule

I’ve seen this question come up in multiple past discussions, but have not found a solution that works. Will my organisation need to upgrade to v9 in order to get this working? We’re not using Docker or anything like that, purely the self-hosted, in-browser Redash.


Technical details:

The problem is your scheduler keeps crashing. You will need to restart it periodically. Upgrading to V9 or V10 (which will be formally released in a couple weeks) fixes this since we replaced the problematic Celery with RQ for our task queue.

Just for clarity:

This problem has nothing to do with how you installed Redash. The Docker version is just easier to maintain. No part of the server runs in your browser.

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Thank you Jesse!! How do you restart the scheduler? Thanks also for confirming on v9/v10, I’ll pass the message on to my organisation :pray:

Your IT team will know how to do this. It’s the same step needed to start the scheduler intially. Basically just run the celery worker command and pass it the context information (number of workers, which app to run, number threads etc.)