Refresh schedule not working


Issue Summary

Using redash 4.0.1 against a clickhouse db.
All queries run great, I get the results, graphs etc. :+1:
but if I add a schedule to refresh, I don’t get it to work. I have tried with open browser or closed. No difference. Even with a different browser. Same.

I can see from the dev tools that the parameter in minutes goes to redash from the web ui. I don’t see any log or errors being printed.

We are running it inside docker containers.
And the browser (I don’t think it makes a diff) is Chrome

How can I try to debug what’s the problem? Suggestions?


Are you sure the scheduler container or the scheduled queries workers are running?


we are running a container with the worker command. I saw that there is also a scheduler. Should that be run also? Because I could not find anything in the docs, and the docker-compose file doesn’t run it either.


Yes, scheduler is the process that triggers scheduled queries and hence needed for scheduled queries to work.


it was the trick, we changed the argument to scheduler and now they work!
Thank you!