Refreshing public dashboard (again)


I cannot get the logic behind the public dashboard refreshing. I need it to show the data at most 2 minutes behind the actual data.

  • I’ve set all the queries to 1 min refresh;
  • I’ve set the dashboard refresh in the logged-in zone to 1 minute;

The result on the logged-in dashboard:

  • every query is being updated regularly (i.e. “a minute ago” everywhere)

The result on the public dashboard:

  • some queries are updated hours ago, when the original dashboard was created
  • some queries were updated at some point in time when I was playing with refresh intervals (~40 minutes ago)
  • one query is being updated regularly (always shows “a minute ago”)

What dark magic should I use to get public dashboard consistently updated?



Can you provide some further information about your Redash installation? Which version? Where is it hosted?


Does this dashboard use queries with parameters?


Sure! 6.0.0+b8537 (4780bd9c), self-hosted docker-based installation


Yes, sure. After your question, I’ve found that updating queries are ones without parameters =/


Gotcha. This is a limitation of Redash at the moment: query parameters will not work on public dashboards for security reasons. However a fix for this is coming out shortly!


Looking forward to it! Thanks.