Remove hours from query results

I’m looking for the method to remove hours/minutes/seconds from the MySQL query visualization (Line, Area, Bar) results and only to have day/month/year. My query looks like this:

    date(users.created_at) as date_created,
    user_tags.title as tags,
    count(user_tags.title) as qty
from user_tags
left join users
    on users.tag_id =
where date(users.created_at) > '2020-01-01'
group by 1, 2
order by 1 desc;

I tried to use date_format function like date_function(users.created_at, "%d %m %y"), however it messed order by date and showed inconsistent results, putting January 2021 as the last date etc.
Any help or hint? Thanks.

Right now Redash doesn’t allow formatting of the axis values. To achieve this, then, you need to format and order your data using the SQL query and then set the visualisation axis type to Category with Sort Values disabled.