Remove white label from Dashboard

Recently, i started to use Redash Trial version to create some dashboards with MySQL and BigQuery and i discovered that the dashboards use ‘powered by’ in the footer of the page. I don’t know if the label can be removed by myself or Redash, or if is even removable in the first place. But please, can i somehow remove it and use white label instead?

Here is a image demonstrating an example of a dashboard with the ‘powered by Redash’ that i created with Cube.js:

White labeling isn’t possible yet because it depends on features that are still in development, like the react migration and allowing parameters on public dashboards. Without these, neutral branding won’t be that useful.

The primary use case we’ve seen for white labeling is multi-tenant dashboards. Users want to generate a unique link for each stakeholder which prevents people from seeing others’ data. Until Redash supports that behavior, white labeling is purely cosmetic.

If the only goal is to remove the Redash logo we could probably use CSS. But the feedback I’ve seen suggests that white labeling is more involved than that.