Reorder Widgets on a Dashboard


I could not find any way to re-arrange widgets on a dashboard, e.g. move them around in the display/order. This would be a great addition.


You can already reorder the widgets:

  1. Open the dashboard menu (see screenshot).
  2. Click on “Edit dashboard”.
  3. You will see the layout of the widgets where you can drag them to reorder.


Thanks, that sounds great! I can’t get it to work in the Firefox Nightly build that I have here right now (which is a few weeks old), but maybe that’s either a Nightly bug or some incompatibility with that new browser version.


Actually, the drag and drop is broken with Firefox 50 and higher, so in next week’s Firefox release it doesn’t work any more.
This is probably the removal of the old proprietary Firefox drag and drop API as mentioned in the second part of


Nice find! I’m doing an update of all the frontend libraries, so will update the one that we use for drag and drop in this area to make it compatible with Firefox 50.