Report based on JSON Datatource

Hi guys,
I need to create my simple report based on JSON Rest API.

We can use this example to explain my requirement:

I’d like to create a pie graph in order to show how many items there are for each user Id.

The REST API returns a list of all data. I need to apply an group by on the data.

What is the best practice?


Hello luk3tt0!

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Solution that I’ve not tested myself but should work:

  1. Import your JSON Rest API thanks to the JSON Redash Integration
  2. Configure the Query Results Data Source
  3. In a new query, Query Results Data source selected, query your JSON with SQLite. You should be able to apply a group by.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @edouardjmn. I already completed 1 and 2 but 3 I don’t know how works.

Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance for your support

Edouard actually linked the documentation in his post. Have you tried the example there?

Yes, I created JSON data Source, I created a query using uri and filter. I generated a simple table. That’s all ok.

I don’t know how can I group by my data using SQLite as you said.

I would write something like this:

select userId, count(*) as postCount
from query_42
group by userId

Replace 42 by the id of your base JSON query

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Thanks @edouardjmn. It work. I did’t know “Query Results Data source”.

Your support was greatly appreciated

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