Reset admin password without mail server

hi everyone,
I have a redash instance locally on my company Linux server, for some reason I had to clear my browser cache and I logged out of redash(I didn’t set mail server for my redash), I could not login after and a bad move was clicking on reset my password and now I don’t have access to my account and I’m the only admin user in company!
is there any way that I can create another admin user or somehow reset my password??

  • Redash Version: 9
  • Browser/OS: Ubuntu
  • How did you install Redash: docker

I had sort of similar issue, though in my case the instance was brand new so it was mostly risk free. What I did was delete the row in the postgres table for users for my admin user and that indicated redash that no admin user is present and on restart it opened with a portal to create an admin user. I am not sure of how much risk it could be, but you could take a DB backup and then try this.

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I found the solution all I had to do was connect to postgres DB with this.
and set another user as admin by updating groups column to array like {1,2}.
then this user has admin privillages :slight_smile:

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