RFM segmentation

Can rfm be added in as a feature? It has lots of use cases to understand the value of a particular demographic like clients.

Can you explain further how you would expect this to work in Redash?

As a first step, a treemap visualization can be added which can show the rfm segmentation based on static rfm-scores in the db.

I don’t know if it would be possible for redash to calculate the quintiles, then calculate the rfm-scores itself if it’s only given the three paramters (r,f,m). But it would be amazing if it did.

I’ve created RFM using sql in the past. Most databases have the NTILE windowing function and you could just do an NTILE(5) on each of the attributes R, F and M and concatenate the values to get the RFM score. I imagine you would want to create a table or at least a database view out of this to make it convenient to use. Then you could come into redash and build any of the queries or visualizations you want (e.g. average spend per RFM group over time).

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Very helpful. Thanks @ptr106.

To anyone reading this, $bucket can be used with $aggregate in mongo in place of NTILE.