Row-style interface for table column order change


I’m using the current SaaS version of Redash. This is what the table visualization editor looks like.

The left-to-right interface for re-ordering columns becomes really clunky if there are many columns to display. Would it be possible to use a top-to-bottom “row style” interface instead? Like reordering items in Todoist or Wunderlist? The current interface is very cumbersome if I need to move a column twenty positions in either direction


Several additional options:

  1. Move the configuration table to be on top/below the actual table, so it has more horizontal space.
  2. Allow changing order by dragging columns on the table.


This is probably the intuitive solution. But it would still be clunky to move a column twenty spaces in either direction that way. Just my $0.02.


Just to make sure I understatnd, your position is that moving vertically is easier than horizontally?


Correct. Because rows in a table have a small fixed height whereas columns in a table have a much greater fixed width.


I agree with @susodapop - sorting horizontally feels more natural (think about changing your playlist, for example)