Running Redash on Another Port

Issue Summary

We’re using the lastest version of redash and have installed it via the AWS AMI. We’d like to run redash on a different port than 80 and 443 so we can terminate SSL and do some auth upstream of redash as we do with other internal applications. How do you run redash on another port? I can’t seem to find any docs on that.

Technical details:

Starting from redash-5.0.2-b5486-build2-us-east-2 (ami-009571af26dc2a231)

First, v5.0.2 isn’t the latest version any more. We released the final version of v8 a few days ago and also created new AMIs. I recommend upgrading or just replacing the AMI with the new one, if you don’t have any content on this one.

As for your question:

Redash runs its own server listening on port 5000 and an nginx proxy listening on port 80. There is nothing listening on port 443.

If you want to change any of the ports Redash is listening on, just update the docker-compose.yml file (located in /opt/redash). You can reassign the host port it binds to to whatever makes sense in your case.

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Thanks for the response! That works.