Same Queries for multiple Data Sources (having same schema)

Currently, Redash allows to create Query for DataSource and then provides a functionality to query the results of these pre-existing queries using QueryResult.

Using the above features, one need to write same query for DataSources(having same schema) and then write a QueryResult query. We would like to reduce this redundancy of writing same query multiple times for different DataSources(having same schema). Any suggestions for implementing this feature, or any work-around which reduces redundancy?

There’s no way around the redundancy today because the queries and data_sources tables in Redash’s internal database share foreign keys.

You can shave time from your workflow using the Redash API, though. Just write your query once and POST it to /api/queries once for each data_source_id. I’d tag these queries so you can filter them in the Query List View UI.

If you absolutely can’t tolerate the redundancy, you’ll need a proper ETL tool like Stitch (with which we do integrate :slight_smile: ).