SAML with LastPass

Hello all,

Does anyone have any pointers on how to configure SAML login using LastPass SSO?

The documentation mentions Okta and Auth0 but not LastPass.

Each service seems to use different terms I’m not sure how they map. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


PS: I’m using the self-hosted version of Redash

Although every SSO provider is a little different the fundamentals are the same. Here are the instructions for setting up a LastPass custom app. You can use the Auth0 or Okta instructions as a guide and if you have specific questions you can post them here.

Thanks for your reply @k4s1m!

Based on the guide you linked, my exact questions are:

  1. in step #2, which of the URLs listed should be included in the redash settings?
  2. in step #3, I guess that the ACS is https://<Your Self-Hosted Domain>/saml/callback?org_slug=default, but what is the Entity ID?