Sankey diagram from table containing user id, month and category

HI! I am new to redash and querying.

I have a table with the following data

|Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 17.31.32

I want to draw a sankey diagram with the user flow. I have checked Flow/Sequence Queries - Sankey and Sunburst Visualizations but wanted a simplified explanation as i got lost. Thanks!

Can you provide a sketch of how you want your Sankey to appear? I don’t usually see date fields associated with Sankey charts…

A typical result that powers a Sankey diagramt looks like this:

stage1 stage2 stage3 value
a b c 1
a b d 1
z b d 2
z x c 1
a null c 17

Which would make this chart:

You can generate this yourself in Redash using the Query Results data source. Just run the below SQL and add a Sankey visualization:

with base(stage1,stage2,stage3,value) AS (
('a', 'b', 'c', 1),
('a', 'b', 'd', 1),
('z', 'b', 'd', 2),
('z', 'x', 'c',1),
('a', null, 'c', 17)))