Sankey visualization error



I’ve followed the example for building a sankey visualization, but when I try and load the chart - I get a blank page

The query I created follows the guidelines, as far as I know, it has 5 columns (e1…e5) which can be null and a value column
I don’t know what I’m missing, are there restrictions on the strings length?

The data source is Vertica

We’re running version 1.0.0+b2720



Are you sure the values are integers? Can you share the data you’re trying to create the Sankey from?


I’m pretty sure the values are integer, the column is count(*)
Sample Data


Can you share the JSON representation of the results?

Assuming your query URL is https://redash/queries/123 then it will be https://redash/api/queries/123/results.json.



did you get this to work? I’m having the same issue


Me either. I didn’t work for me while I need it.
In another topic Flow/Sequence Queries - Sankey and Sunburst Visualizations I asked for help but I give nothing. I guess my request may be lost.