Save Query Variables To A Dashboard?



I’ve got a visualization with a few variables (type, time period). I’ve created a dashboard with visualization with this query. When loading the dashboard, it uses the default variable values set in the query and when I change the values in the Dashboard view, the dashboard query string will change to respect that. This is all good and to be expected.


I would like to save specific variable values to a dashboard. Meaning, I would like to create three dashboards, one for each supported “type” variable. While you can change the query string to change the view of the visualizations, these query string values are not saved as part of the dashboard URL. When you navigate to that dashboard, it is a URL with the default query values.

I am running Re:dash 0.12.0+b2449

I couldn’t seem to find any documentation on this. The closest thing being “dashboard filters” but I don’t believe that will allow me to parameterize properly.




Is this already possible? This would make the Dashboards much more interactive. Of course you can just add bookmarks with the new parameters, but that’s not really user friendly.