Saving query parameter with type query-dropdown gives Internal Server Error


We are running Redash v9 using a docker image. On this setup, I am able to execute and save a query that uses a ‘text’ query parameter.

ex: It looks something like this where emp_id is coming from another backing query which returns only one column of strings.

select name, employee_id
from employee
employee_id = ‘{{emp_id}}’

The query is executable but doesnt save, if I change the type of the emp_id to ‘query-dropdown’. All I see in the interface is “Query could not be saved”.

Looking at the logs, I just see a POST api/queries that returns with a 500 status. The network tab on chrome echoes the same with the response “Internal Server Error”.

What could be going wrong in saving the query parameter as type query-dropdown? Your support is much appreciated.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for your post. To see the actual stack trace, you can do the following:

  1. Run docker-compose logs -f → this will begin showing you a stream of log messages from your docker-compose setup.
  2. Try to save the query in the browser
  3. Look for the stack trace in the logs

Hi @jesse , thanks for the input. We have deployed it as a AWS ECS Fargate Task which cant be ssh’ed into although seems like docker exec could be an option as mentioned here NEW – Using Amazon ECS Exec to access your containers on AWS Fargate and Amazon EC2 | Containers. Will dig into it. Thanks.